Health and Homecare Services

Health and Homecare Services

We care about your health. And your life.

Our Group has offered healthcare products and services since its inception and in more recent years, this product line has been developed and launched in the UK market.
With access to the strong networks created by our international colleagues, our many years of assistance experience and our solid operational platforms, we realised we have the capacity to offer a unique product to the market.
Our Family Homecare product offers bespoke and dedicated solutions to clients who either want to add value to their current product range or who wish to offer their customers an additional service with tangible benefits to their lives, whatever their age or circumstances. Meanwhile we are using use our breadth of experience to introduce additional healthcare solutions such as Occupational Health and even a 24 hour nurse triage helpline service.

We know that our customers are changing

The world’s population is getting older and this is having an inevitable impact on our healthcare systems and resources. The focus is on ‘dependency’. Often, if you are an elderly person, you will want to stay in your own home as long as possible, despite growing restrictions on your lifestyle. If you are a supporting family member, it is likely you are looking for a solution that most importantly ensures your relative is safe and comfortable, but that also makes financial sense.

The younger population too is developing very different requirements to previous generations. Not everyone has a shoulder to turn to in times of need and when faced with unexpected illness or injury, may need a little help at home, with childcare or even assistance with covering the cost of help with your pets.

Healthy Workplaces

As employers ourselves, we understand the need for an occupational health programme that looks after your most important asset, your people. From managing home emergencies to pre-placement health assessments, we provide services to enhance your offering to your employees.

We're here to help

These are just some of the ways we are here to help our customers. Our health services are an excellent add-on to an array of consumer products, offering genuine tangible benefits to improve their lives.