About us

About us


As the world leader in travel insurance, assistance and personal services, we're looking out for you 24/7. Perhaps you've lost your luggage. Or your vehicle has broken down in the desert. Maybe your garage was flooded, or your roof was damaged in a storm.

Our brand and values

Our Allianz Global Assistance brand is our very essence and promise to you - Trust us. We do help. Our values are the emotional ties that bind us to our customers and nurture their belief in us.

Our history

In 1950 in Switzerland, when people began traveling more, a team of forward thinking business pioneers created ELVIA Travel Insurance. This year marked the beginning of our story in helping people. Twenty-four years later in 1974, SACNAS-Mondial Assistance...

Our clients

Our clients are large and small and from many different industries. There are ways we can help any company and its customers. Use the contact us section if you would like to hear more about how we could work with you.

How we deal with complaints

We always aim to provide you with first-class service, however, we know things can sometimes go wrong and there may be times when you feel we have not done so. Find out more here on how we deal with complaints.