Our brand and values

Our brand and values

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People at the heart of our brand

As customers, and as individuals, we live in a world of brands. Global or local, well known or newly created, they influence nearly every aspect of our lives, from the cars we drive to the food we eat. They have the power to reassure us, encourage us to act, and allow us to dream. This is why we’ve always stayed true to our mission of helping people, and have based our brand on the relationship we have with our customers. We know you need to be reassured and feel confident when the unexpected happens, when you get a flat tyre, a pipe bursts, or an unexpected event disturbs a long-time planned trip.

Since our creation in France in 1974, we have changed and evolved, just like our customers. But despite these changes, our essence has remained intact. We have a questioning nature, to better understand your needs. We care and listen, to make you feel that everything will be okay. Today, wherever you are, and wherever your plans take you, Allianz Global Assistance spans the globe and makes sure that our basic promise – Trust us, we do help - is at the heart of everything we do for you. You may wonder how we can fulfil this promise, and whether this is even true? It is because of our values. We live by them, and let them guide every action or decision that we take. Our values are the emotional ties that bind us to our customers and nurture their belief in us. And so, they are an inherent part of our relationships – with you, and amongst our 10,920 staff members around the world.