Our history

Our history

Allianz Global Assistance is our new brand name, but behind it is a long history anchored in decades of helping people. The journey of our group began in Switzerland in 1950, when people began to travel more. A team of forward thinking business pioneers created ELVIA Travel Insurance. 24 years later in 1974, SACNAS-Mondial Assistance was founded in France and our helping reached a new level. The creation of SACNAS-Mondial Assistance paralleled the development of the assistance business, which, in addition to travel insurance, included roadside, medical and repatriation assistance. In 1979, AGF became a shareholder of Mondial Assistance.

During the 80’s and 90’s, still as two separate entities (Elvia and Mondial Assistance), our group accompanied their corporate clients through their own changes. It is during this time that a Mondial Assistance business unit was opened in the UK. Initially, the UK office assisted vehicle breakdowns of European motorists travelling abroad. This business line grew rapidly as we developed our tailored Roadside Assistance product, which still exists today. In 1995, Elvia joined Germany’s Allianz Group.


In 2000 Elvia Travel Insurance and SACNAS-Mondial Assistance successfully merged and created Mondial Assistance, which forms the basis of our group as we know it today. With nearly 80 years of combined experience and knowledge, we became the leading world player in assistance, travel insurance and customer services.

In 2011, Mondial Assistance in the UK created a Health division dedicated to enhancing our portfolio and customer offering whilst building on the strong foundations laid by our well established and trusted motor and travel products.


In 2012, Mondial Assistance in the UK adopted a new name and brand identity; Allianz Global Assistance. This change of image is supported by the strong foundations we laid during our time as Mondial Assistance and we look to this new chapter in our history to help more people and continue to create innovative and customer focused products.


Today, we operate under a unique brand name and speak to you with a single voice. We are present on all 5 continents and feel right at home in the 34 different countries where we are present. Wherever you go, we are always close by, looking out for you. We are here to make sure you have our help, anytime, anywhere. You – our customers, stakeholders and staff members – were, are and always will be what our business is all about.