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Deciding where to go on your next holiday is one exciting aspect of travelling. So to assist you in the decision making process, we have created a destinations page , that will give you some useful information such as visa, travel time and much more about some of the most popular countries in the world. We intend to add more and more countries as time goes on, so please watch this space. 

Also, if you are in doubt you should always check the FCO website to check any current alerts or warnings.


Language: Turkish.

Currency: Turkish Lira.

Local Time: GMT+2.

Straddling the border between Europe and Asia, east meets west right in the heart of Turkey’s largest city Istanbul. It's overall landmass is approximately the size of the American state of Texas, and whilst 97% of it sits within Asia, 3% of it lies within the continent of Europe, making Istanbul the only city in the world to span two continents.


Dubai (UAE)

Language: Arabic.

Currency: Dirham.

Local Time: GMT+4.

With incredible ambition, Dubai has grown to become a city associated with unashamed and unparalleled luxury, glamour and extravagance. Built on a huge scale, Dubai is like Disneyland for adults! For some it epitomises consumerism and self indulgence, for others it is a haven of sun, sea and shopping. Taken at face value, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Dubai is nothing more. 



Language: Arabic.

Currency: Egyptian pound.

Local Time: GMT+2.

A tourist hotspot for thousands of years; the ancient Greeks and Romans started holidaying here back in the 4th century BC, whilst in more recent years, tourist numbers peaked in 2010 at 14.7 million visitors. That said, political unrest and violence in 2011 has put tourists off over the last few years and numbers have dropped significantly.   



Language: English.

Currency: American Dollars.

Local Time: GMT-5/6.

Whether you’ve been to the USA or not, it’s likely you’ve got an opinion on it. However, the truth is that the USA is so big it’s impossible to make sweeping generalisations - either about its landscape, its people or its culture. From the buzz and bright lights of cities such as LA, to the jaw dropping scenery of the Rocky Mountains...



Language: Greek.

Currency: Euro.

Local Time: GMT +2.

The history, myth and legends that surround Greece have been capturing the imagination of British holidaymakers and tourists from around the world for many years.

The unique personalities of the Greek islands mean that Greece can be anything you want it to be, providing holidays to suit all tastes and budgets. 



Language: Spanish.

Currency: Euro.

Local Time: GMT +1.

For many years, Spain’s beach resorts have made it a popular destination for British holidaymakers in search of sun, sea and sangria. However, dig a little deeper and Spain offers so much more.

From the peaks of the Pyrenees to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, its vast landscape..